resource: noun re·source \ˈrē-ˌsrs, –ˌzrs, ri-ˈa source of supply or support :  an available means —usually used in plural.

This page hosts resources from several authors for your convenience, edification and knowledge.

Gabrielle Guthrie See there’s this thing called Biology                                                                                              I have had a bit of an internet ministry going on for a number of years, mostly through blogging and building relationships. My blog is pretty much just about my own walk with Christ, applying scripture to real life, issues that concern me, and some politics and humor.
I actually grew up in the 60’s and 70’s under some pretty militant atheism and still managed to somehow develop a powerful relationship with Christ outside of the church. I had a tough start in life, but I plan to have a good finish. I spent several years as the Assistant Director of the local Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program, now the Dove House, worked at Nancy’s Place for a number of years, and am now a Caregiver. I’m married to Paul and we have four kids and two grand kids. I love the Irondale Church because there is an authenticity there that is quite special.
I’m laughing here simply because my blog is kind of hard to describe. It is about my own walk with Christ, real life issues that may concern Christians,  finding treasures in scripture during hard times,  and encouraging each other.

David Hodgin Pastor Irondale Church;

Lynn Andrew Author of books and essays;