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IMG_1251Sunday Morning Worship Service: 10:30 am 

Sunday’s Sermon:

Matt. 16:24-28 “Faith Through Denial” Speaker Troy Norman –

Sermon Archive:

Luke 19:11-27 pt. 2 “Citizens of the Kingdom”

Luke 19:11-27 pt.1 “Be Busy Until I Come”

Luke 19:1-10 “Seek the Lord While He May Be Found”

Luke 18:35-43 “Lord, that I May See”

Luke 18:28-34 “Eternal Investment”

Luke 24:36-53 “He Opened Their Minds”

Psalm 118:21-29 “The Triumphal Entry”

Luke 18:15-27 “Childish Faith is Great Faith”

Luke 18:9-14 “Waiting Well: Humility in Prayer”

Luke 18:1-8 “Waiting Well: Prayer Basics”

Luke 17:20-37 “What’s to Come”

Luke 17:11-19 “Once Distant, Now Close”

Luke 17:5-10 “Faith-Filled Service”

Luke 17:1-4 “Don’t Let Offenses Become Fences”

Luke 16:19-31 “A Glimpse into the Beyond”

Luke 16:14-18 “God Knows Your Heart”

Luke 16:1-13 “Keeping Everything in its Place”

Luke 15:25-32 “The Heart of the Matter”

Luke 15:11-24 “Lost & Found”

Happy New Year! Psalm 40:1-5 “The God of New Beginnings”

Merry Christmas! Luke 2:11 “The Savior is Born”

Isaiah 7:14 “God With Us”

Isaiah 40:1-3 & Mal. 3:1 “Behold, I Send My Messenger”

Isaiah 9:1-7 “Hope for Those in Darkness”

Luke 15:1-10 “All of Heaven Rejoices”

Luke 14:25-35 “God’s Love is Both Free & Costly”

Luke 14:12-24 “An Invitation to Life”

Luke 14:1-11 “Dining Room Discussions”

Luke 13:31-35 “The Lord is on My Side, I Will Not Fear”

Luke 13:18-30 “Knowing & Being Known by Jesus”

Luke 13:14-17 “Jesus’ Love Breaks the Rules” Part 2

Luke 13:10-13 “Jesus’ Love Breaks the Rules”

Luke 13:1-9 “U-Turn for Jesus”

Luke 12:49-59 “Jesus, the Fire Starter”

Luke 12:41-48 “Faithfulness Defined and Rewarded”

Luke 12:35-40 “Be Ready!”

Luke 12:22-34 “A Kingdom Mind-Set”

Luke 12:13-21 “Don’t Get Too Comfortable”

Luke 12:8-12 “Holy Spirit Directed Speech”

Luke 12:1-7 “A Balanced Respect”

Special Services & Guest Speakers:

Easter Message Phil. 1:19-21 “Our Living Hope”

Palm Sunday – Troy Norman

Drive-In Church Fall 2020